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Das unmöglich wurde möglich - Hobie hat das weltweite #1 Fishing Kayak weiter verbessert und zu einer lebenden Legende gemacht. Neu für 2019 wird das Mirage Outback standardmäßig mit dem Hobie Guardian Retractable Transducer Shield ausgeliefert. Dieses ermöglicht den kinderleichten Einbau eines Fishfinders (siehe Video-Link unten).

With the first major redesign of the best-selling Mirage Outback in over a decade, Hobie has single-handedly advanced the sport of kayak fishing. This fully-loaded fishing machine is built for every conceivable fishing expedition, whether you’re prowling the ocean for monster gamefish or stalking bass in your favorite freshwater fishing hole. The extra-wide standing deck offers an improved casting platform and convenient vantage point for sight fishing, allowing for superior vision from above while the revolutionary Guardian Transducer Shield gives you multidimensional vision below. The new Vantage CTW seat provides extra width for unmatched room and comfort. Four molded-in rod holders, multiple deluxe H-Track mounts, and numerous high-capacity storage compartments ensure that all of your gear is at your fingertips. Powered by the MirageDrive 180 with ARC Cranks + Turbo Fins – now standard on all Outbacks – this fine-tuned angling vessel is highly versatile, fast, quiet, and exceedingly nimble. Now featuring our Kick-Up Rudder system with dual steering capabilities, combating drift and navigating tight water has never been easier.

While the classic Outback was a legend, the all-new Outback is truly legendary.



Länge3,89 m
Breite0,86 m
Tragkraft193 kg
Gewicht38,56 kg


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