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VIKING Foil 1400cm² komplett mit 60cm oder 75cm Alu Mast1.389,00 €
VIKING Foil 1680cm² komplett mit 60cm oder 75cm Alu Mast1.429,00 €
VIKING Foil 1960cm² komplett mit 60cm oder 75cm Alu Mast1.469,00 €
VIKING FAST Rear Wing239,00 €
Aufpreis Carbon Mast 60cm oder 82cm300,00 €
NØRDLAND Board 70l1.599,00 €
NØRDLAND Board 80l1.649,00 €
NØRDLAND Board 90l1.699,00 €
NØRDLAND Board 110l1.749,00 €
Kiteboard POLAR ll BLACK 140 x 42 Ratchet Binding XL Freestyle 4.5948,00 €
Kiteboard POLAR ll RED 137 x 41 Ratchet Binding XL Freestyle 4.5948,00 €
Verfügbarkeit: Foil 1960, Alu Mast 60cm, Carbon Mast 82cm und Kiteboard Polar II 137cm RED lagernd

Die Marke KOLD shapes wurde von Kitesurf-Profi Mario Rodwald ins Leben gerufen. KOLD shapes legt extremen Wert auf Nachhaltigkeit. Das fängt bei den Hydrofoils an, die aus recycelten Carbonfasern hergestellt werden und hört bei der plastikfreien Verpackung auf. Bei all der Nachhaltigkeit kommt aber auch die Performance nicht zu kurz. Es werden Hydrofoils, Wing Foil Boards und Kiteboards angeboten.

2022 neu: für die Sportlichen unter euch, gibt es jetzt als Tuning Option einen FAST Rear Wing, der noch besseren Glide und ein looseres Fahrgefühl ermöglicht.


  • Super effizient & endloses Gleitvermögen
  • Extrem direktes Feeling
  • Mühelose & enge Turns
  • Ultraleicht
  • Fehlerverzeihendes Profil & berechenbarer Lift
  • plug & play
  • Recyceltes Carbon
  • Made in Europe

We truly believe the VIKING Hydrofoil sets a new standard for the sport. The high aspect design and the super-efficient profile provide you with endless glide on your wing and surf foil! The outline is designed for extreme manoeuvrability and simply invites you to learn your first jibes or carve big waves.

The thinner profile handles high speeds easily and contributes to a very predictable & progressive lift from super-low speeds. Furthermore, the profile stalls extremely late which is not only crucial for trying your first manoeuvres but also for pump foiling off the deck.

Our high aspect design is so efficient that you might want to choose provide a one size smaller wing for your old foil setup. Equal lift at smaller sizes means less drag, higher speed ranges and better turning! To ensure the perfect fit to any foiling style the mast position is adjustable in the fuselage.

The direct feel derives from the VIKING´s extreme torsional stiffness. This is achieved by the multidirectional recycled carbon in the wings, the strong connection points and by our extremely rigid masts. One of our priorities was to design the stiffest carbon mast on the market.

With 3.6 – 3.9kg, the foil is exceptionally light which simplifies jumping by minimising leverage. Of course, the light weight further facilitates handling as well as travelling.

Like all our products the foil is made in Europe to ensure the highest quality and minimise logistics. All CO2 emissions during production are offset and the foil is packed without additional plastic.

Our system is completely modular and all wing, mast & fuselage options can be combined. The larger fuselage provides great pitch stability and is recommended for beginners and/or heavier riders above 85kg. The medium fuselage is the ideal combination for wave riding, jumping or lighter riders.

All sets come ready to ride for plug & play! The sets include all screws & screwdrivers, covers & bag, adjustment shims for the rear wing and anti-corrosion tef gel. Enjoy your flight!


The NØRDLAND is here to exceed your wildest dreams of wing foiling. A new sport that is here to last, because it turns any lake and every average wave into water sports heaven!  Stiffness is key to for an outstanding carving, pumping and jumping performance. The super strong connection around the foil boxes and the ultra stiff full carbon lamination technique delivers extreme stiffness and durability. Combined with the VIKING Foil it provides the most direct feeling you can wish for.

  • Steifste Konstruktion am Markt
  • Superleicht
  • Kompakter Shape für radikale Manöver
  • Bevelled Rails 
  • Single Concave für frühestes Angleiten
  • Ultrastarker Kern & einzigartiges Laminierverfahren

The single concave and the flat rocker in the rear part of the NØRDLAND are meant for earliest planning. Taking off as early as possible is equally important for beginners and professionals. In addition the concave deck and the deck pad provide extra grip when launching. Furthermore the bevelled edges ease touchdowns on your first meters or after big jumps – thus an equally important feature from beginners to professionals!
The construction is aimed to be the strongest and stiffest one out there. Not only do we use a unique vacuum and lamination technique to achieve the highest connection between the carbon and the core. We also use the strongest core out there - a closed cell foam that doesn´t absorb any water and withstanding 50.000 kilo/sqm!
The outline of the NØRDLAND is designed to be compact and slightly wider to enhance stability when taking off in choppy conditions. The shorter lengths and a balanced volume distribution allow to master aggressive turns when riding waves or doing spins – especially our smaller sizes. 
Despite it´s incredible lightweight we have added a bottom handle for easy carrying. To complete the features we have added a strong leash plug and the variety of insert positions meets any personal demand. All made in Portugal, using the most modern machines and fair manual labour.
We recommend choosing around 20l above your bodyweight when learning how to wing. For your first jumps or aiming to ride waves you want a board equal or slightly below your weight.



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