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D-Zeroab 9.239,00 €
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D-ZERO, light and simple

Back in 2014 Dan Holman and Devoti Sailing came together with a seemingly impossible proposition: to create a “basic” single-hander sailboat that had to be light and simple enough to be carried on a car’s roof and rigged in 10 minutes, yet delivering a high-quality sailing experience and performance. The boat also had to target a board range of sailors in terms of weight and skill: manageable enough for the average club sailor to sail safely but technical enough to engage the professionals.


Hull length4.20 m
Beam1.42 m
Hull Weight43 kg
Sail DesignNorth Sails One Design
Mast and BoomCarbon fiber (CompoTech)
Grey rig8.1 m² semi soft laminate sail on halyard
Blue rig6.9 m² semi soft laminate sail on halyard
RakeSimple and effective adjustment via chocks
DesignerDaniel Holman (2014)

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