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Mertek S1 Electric Jetboard

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Mertek S1

  • bis zu 26 KM/H

  • Einsteiger-freundlich

  • Riesenspass


"Mertek S1 has effective cost-down, reliable supply chain and outstanding design. It could popularize the jet surfboard in a beginner-friendly way rather than as an extreme sport. The board can be enjoyed buy all ages and it’s very popular in our hire and sales centres. A real game changer! Inflatable and thus foldable, it occupies less space to store two Mertek S1 on a yacht. "

—  Wayne, From All Star Jet Board Testing Tour


Bis zu 26 KM/H 

To be fast means to overcome the water resistance and that’s where Mertek S1 is excellent. At the core of this extra powerful jet system stands a cutting-edge direct-drive motor, coupled with a reliable design ready for all kinds of tough conditions. The maximum speed of 26 km/h strikes the perfect balance between exhilaration and challenge to start for a once-in-a-life-time experience.



Leicht zu transportieren

Mertek S1 is inflatable and foldable, which makes it not only easy to move around but also less prone to damage. Folded, the Mertek S1 can go down to around 1/3 of the full size – you can store up to four or five even in a smaller yacht trunk!


The wireless remote control features 8 speeds, including emergency stop. The cutting-edge design is lightweight and compact, allowing for extra precision and control when operating. The hand strap is developed so that it offers better grip and unmatched comfort around.



Perfect for high speeds, the hydrofoil fin makes any upstream slope a gentle and exhilarating journey. The design costs hundreds of hours of CFD, which totally pays off.


There’s a handle on two sides. It makes it easier to climb up from the water. When lying prone on the pad and moving forward, you could hold the handles as well.


A Hand rope is offered for beginners. Together with your feet, it creates a stable triangular structure, and thus easy to keep balance.

eingebauter Jetantrieb

We place special emphasis on safety so the Mertek S1’s propeller is hidden from sight and completely harmless – play with confidence!


The strong 5.5mm lightweight coiled cord can be stretched out to 10 feet to eliminate any leash drag. The unique design makes it easy to forget it’s even there.


Größe230 x 76 x 10 cm
Größe gefaltet80 x 82 x 28 cm
Gesamtgewicht (inkl. Batterie)26,7 kg
Fahrzeit20 min (vollgas), 1 h (cruising speed)
Batterie960 Wh Lithium-Ionen (herausnehmbar)
Max. Zuladung100 kg
Boardinflatable und faltbar

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